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SEMARAK SENI 2023 – TIGA “Legacy Lives On”

10 & 11 November 2023
Our Tampines Hub Festive Theatre

SEMARAK SENI 2023 – TIGA “Legacy Lives On”

A performance intertwining dance, music and puppetry. Showcasing the evolution of Singapore Malay dance through Mdm Som Said’s book “Malay Dance in Singapore through Som Said’s journey”. This docu-entertainment book to stage will trace the journey of Malay dance from its origin to present. Highlighting iconic figures who have elevated Malay dance through fundamental moves, dance in Films, dance dramas and many more.

Tunas Berseni – SWAPA Graduation Showcase 2023

28th October 2023
Anjung @ Wisma Geylang Serai

Radin Mas

14 October 2023
Victoria Theatre

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A beautiful princess. A tale of filial love. A legend of Singapore.

With the mesmerising rhythm of Bharatanatyam and graceful allure of Javanese dance intricately woven with traditional folk arts of wayang kulit, Radin Mas is set to be an unforgettable performance that celebrates classical art forms amid breathtaking contemporary set design befitting the iconic Victoria Theatre.

Radin Mas is spearheaded by Meenakshy Bhaskar, Artistic Director and daughter of the late Mrs Santha Bhaskar, together with Cultural Medallion recipient and dear friend of Mrs Bhaskar, Madam Som Said as Advisor.

Based on the legend of a beautiful Javanese princess, this cross-cultural collaboration will touch the heart and stir the soul, as one discovers a heart-wrenching story of forbidden love, jealousy, bravery and sacrifice. Journey with us and discover the story of Radin Mas Ayu as she makes a fortuitous escape from her prejudiced grandfather only to find herself in the hands of a resentful stepmother.

The revered folk arts of wayang kulit and unique horse dances from both Javanese and Tamil cultures – kuda kepang and poikal kuthirai – feature alongside traditional Indian and Javanese music to bring this riveting tale to life.

We are proud to collaborate with Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts to bring you a production made with love, about love.

Semarak Seni 2021 Revisit 2

27 Nov 2021
Our Tampines Hub
Watch here 👇🏻 and Booklet here

Revisit: Permata
Konsert Cinta Di Sebalik Musim (Love in All Seasons) by Sri Warisan

16 Oct 2021
Our Tampines Hub
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Semarak Seni 5 Hikayat

13 Nov 2021
Our Tampines Hub

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View production booklet here

Semarak Seni 6 Penjuru

7 & 8 Apr 2021
Our Tampines Hub
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6 penjuru

Semarak Warisan 7 Nilam

13 Dec 2020
Our Tampines Hub
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Semarak Warisan 7 Nilam

Singapore Traditional Folk Fiesta

20-22 Dec 2003

Lagu & Irama 2002 ‘Gurindam 12 ‘Raja Ali Haji’

17 Mar 2002
Guinness Theatre @ Substation


27th June 2002
Drama Centre
National Youth Park

Roots I ‘Akar’

23rd July 2002
Victoria Theatre

Gerak Bergerak 2001

17th February 2001
Drama Centre

Bangsawan Puteri Cindai Dewi

29th April 2001
Drama Centre

Musical Dance Theatre ‘Aksi Remaja’

27th June 2001
Drama Centre

Lagu & Irama 2001

24th September 2001
Drama Centre

Singapore Zapin Festival

1st – 3rd November 2001
NTUC Downtown East Resort/University Cultural Centre