Open for registration

Recruitment poster 2022
Recruitment poster 2022

It is the new year and we are open for registration! Registration open 8th January 2022, Saturday @ 12:30pm. Head down to our office and do come prepare for practice after registration.

Things to take note: do bring along rehearsal attire – comfortable black tshirt & black track pants. Sri Warisan’s tshirt will be avaiable for pre-order during registration. For further enquires, do feel free to drop us a message down below or call us at 62256070.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

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Sri Warisan Academy (SWAPA)
Melentur Buloh Classes
Kindergarten 2(min) to Primary 6
2pm to 4pm

Tunas Youth classes
Secondary 1 and above
4pm to 6pm

New Intake (Every Early January of the year)
Registration fee: $25
Semester fee : $75 per term (5 months) X 2 terms = $150
Sri Warisan rehearsal t-shirt : $20